Natalie Lust debut on GirlsDoPorn

Finally, after a string of sub-par, ex-chubby girls, GirlsDoPorn lands a legitimate cutey in Episode #209 – Natalie Lust!  Just seeing her fresh, pretty face and naturally thin body was almost a shock.  This is the type of girl GDP used to be all about, and I was excited to see that they landed another one!

Natalie Lust also seems very sweet, working as a caregiver for the mentally disabled.  But she is also very naughty, admitting to being a nympho after losing her virginity.  She also had her first sexual experience with another girl(!), muff-diving as a very early teen.  She also seems to have a guy’s attitude – she’s been single for over 4 years(!) but has fuck-buddies (and a HUGE waiting list, I’m sure).  She’s only tried anal once, and with her incredibly fine body, I’m PRAYING GDP asks this girl back for her first on-camera anal.  This looker is worth it.

Natalie Lust is blessed with big brown eyes that give her a naturally innocent look, which is of course my favorite.  She doesn’t appear to have any piercings, and just a few “sentence” tattoos on her arm and stomach and some stars on her shoulder that are easy to forgive.  If I’m picking nits, her arms are kind of under-toned and flabby, but that just indicates how young she is – still a teenager.  The rest of her body is fantastic – nice almost perfect B’s, smooth skin, and a young butt.  I couldn’t wait to see her get pounded.

Her blowjob skills are a bit mild, doing the ‘good girl’ type of sucking that concentrates on the tip and doesn’t go very deep.  She does make some efforts to go deeper, but starts to choke a little after only half (!) the shaft goes in.  She is either too excited or overheated, because she loses her breath a lot just trying to give head to that big dick.  I love hearing her gasp between sucks.  Her mouth is just too tiny, but that doesn’t matter.  Just seeing her extremely beautiful face taking a large cock into it is a dick-concrete experience.  Natalie Lust is very, very pretty:

Natalie lust girlsdoporn

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Stephanie ran away from painal. But she plows through!

Meet Stephanie a 19 year old brunette from La Rochelle, today doing a casting scene with la France à Poil. The scene starts with a little chit chat, which probably won’t do you much good unless you speak French. Stephanie’s obviously a little nervous, as she should be, this is not a scene she’s going to enjoy. They begin by introducing her to a rather averagely hung man whose flaccid dick she gently fondles before lowering her face onto his crotch and sucking away. After a few minutes the director wisely decides to provide another partner and this one is rather better endowed. Stephanie’s expression as its revealed is a pleasure to watch, “its enormous” she says. I wonder if she knew at this point it was all going to get jammed up her ass.

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Girls Do Porn Episode 258 – 19 year old with great tits

There is a thin (some would say arbitrary) line between a booty that is bouce-a-licious, and one that is just sloppy. That line, of course, is different for all men, but I can only give my opinion on the matter and leave it to you to make adjustments of my review to fit your own standards.

Whereas last week’s girl had an ass that was juuuuuuust on the right side of desirable while being bodaciously big, this week’s girl has an ass that steps over that line quite a bit, and lands squarely into the chunky-cheese, no-please territory. Continue reading


Girls Do Porn episode 257 review – strongly recommended!

Usually I prefer my girls in this series to be innocent first-timers, who are in a bit over their heads. Girls Do Porn from episode 257 is not that.  At 20 year old, she behaves even more maturely than her age. Calm, nonchalant, she doesn’t give you the impression that this is any kind of deal to her. On top of that, she made the unfortunate choice of a nose-ring which is one of my least favorite things. I was primed for a let down.


Forget all that. This is an explosive scene. UK #257 is absolutely fantastic at sex. Here is where pure sexual energy born from experience trumps the innocent clumsiness I usually prefer. Game for anything, she is a partner in heightening your pleasure as much as her own. She is a also great “receiver” of sex, if you know what I mean by that. She just enjoys it so sincerely. You can download her full video here.


That would be enough, but this girl’s ass is just so different than what you typically get here. Plump and full, bouncy and responsive as hell. It is as large as it can be while still having both cheeks firmly in the “exceptionally desirable” category, and not a step past it. You do not have to be an ass man to be extremely turned on by how her legs and butt move when getting smashed.


The first position is doggie and once she got all her clothes off and they both went at it, it was enough for me. Really fantastic sex. And fantastic sex combined with that juice-bottom’s movement – just WOW.


This girl’s ass will be remembered as one of the legendary shapes captured on video by GDP. A pusher’s delight, it is so much fuller than you usually get to see in this series because the girls are mostly still thin and developing. Such voluptuous, womanly curves – a welcome change of pace. Add in this girl’s youth, and her genuine love of sex, and this is the scene that breaks a pretty long dry spell for me in porn.


This is a quick review for now. When I finish watching the rest of this scene, I might shape this into a longer review, but there is no way in hell I want to waste this scene by watching it all at once.


01 innocent look.jpg

GirlsDoPorn episode 253

01 innocent look.jpg

GirlsDoPorn episode 253 is features a very short and small model, but she has some “big person” features – namely her HUGE hair (probably extensions of some sort), large-ish hands, biggish head. Her features don’t quite match her petite frame. And none of it, save maybe her ass, are of prime quality.

But if you like rough sex with inexperienced girls, gravitate towards “painal”, or want to see innocence defiled, this scene is a hidden gem. There is no anal, but this girl is SO inexperienced and foreign to monster sized cocks that regular vaginal sex pushes her to her physical limits, with near-tears and pain during some sequences that will either thrill you or turn you completely off, depending on your tastes. Continue reading